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Rent surfboards and paddle boards through your phone. Download the Fin App, find a trailer, unlock a board and get out on the water today!

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Unlock the Ocean

Unchain your self from the surf shop

Fin offers the most flexible rental times of any rental company in. Rent from sunrise to sunset! Show up when you're ready and only pay for the minutes your use. Fin offers the best rental rates in all of San Diego at just $2 to unlock and 10 cents a minute an average rental is under $15!

Create your own wake

The world’s first mobile app surfboard and paddle board rental company

We agonize over providing the most freeing rental experience possible. There's no need to wait around on rental shops anymore. Simply go to any Fin trailer and unlock a board with the Fin app and get out on the water. Fin operates from sunrise to sunset and gives surfers the widest range of hours possible.

How to use Fin

Find. Unlock. Ride.

High quality boards for a low cost

Fin offers high quality epoxy boards. Paddle boards come in 10 ft and 12 ft. Paddle boards come with a life jacket, paddle and surf leash. Surfboards come in 6 ft and 8 ft fun boards and also include a surf leash.

  • San Diego Rentals

    Fin currently only operates in the San Diego Mission Bay area but is looking to expand soon!

  • Record Your Ride

    All boards have embedded GPS tracking devices inside them. At the end of your rental you can choose to link the GPS data to your rental to get a map of your ride.

  • Multiple Rentals

    IOS users are able to rent multiple boards at once. Fin keeps track of each rental separately to easily split up between friends.

  • Friend Referral

    Got a friend who would love Fin? Send them a referral from the Fin app and get a free rental when you both have at least one rental in your rental history.

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